My schedule Rio 2016

On august 12th I will run my first race during the 2016 Olympics. Specially for you I put together my personal schedule, with both the local time (BR) as well as Dutch time (in bold, DU). Most of the races will take place during the evening. There’s a five-hour time difference with The Netherlands, which unfortunately means setting your alarm in the middle of the night. I hope this won’t hold you guys back? I can really use all of your support, yes, even all the way from Europe.

Time schedule Dafne during the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro:


Fri august 12th 100m, first round: 22.40u (BR) 03:40u (NL)

Sat august 13th 100m, semi finals: 21.00u (BR) 02.00u (NL)
100m, finals: 22.35u (BR) 03:35 (NL)

Mon august 15th 200 m, first round: 09.35u (BR) en 14.35u (NL)

Tue august 16th 200 m, semi finals: 22.00u (BR) 03.00u (NL)

Wed august 17th 200 m, finals: 22.30u (BR) 03.30u (NL)

Thu august 18th relay 4×100, first round: 11.20u (BR) 16.20u (NL)

Fri august 19th relay 4×100, finals: 22.15u (BR) 03.15u (NL)

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  • Ramesh

    18 August 2016 at 1:54 am Reply


    Congrats on your 200m silver medal at Rio. You almost won gold, it was a great run.


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