My schedule Rio 2016

On august 12th I will run my first race during the 2016 Olympics. Specially for you I put together my personal schedule, with both the local time (BR) as well as Dutch time (in bold, DU). Most of the races will take place during the evening. There’s a five-hour time difference with The Netherlands, which unfortunately means setting your alarm in the middle of the night. I hope this won’t hold you guys back? I can really use all of your support, yes, even all the way from Europe.

Time schedule Dafne during the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro:


Fri august 12th 100m, first round: 22.40u (BR) 03:40u (NL)

Sat august 13th 100m, semi finals: 21.00u (BR) 02.00u (NL)
100m, finals: 22.35u (BR) 03:35 (NL)

Mon august 15th 200 m, first round: 09.35u (BR) en 14.35u (NL)

Tue august 16th 200 m, semi finals: 22.00u (BR) 03.00u (NL)

Wed august 17th 200 m, finals: 22.30u (BR) 03.30u (NL)

Thu august 18th relay 4×100, first round: 11.20u (BR) 16.20u (NL)

Fri august 19th relay 4×100, finals: 22.15u (BR) 03.15u (NL)

  • Ramesh

    18 August 2016 at 1:54 am Reply


    Congrats on your 200m silver medal at Rio. You almost won gold, it was a great run.


  • Frank Nederhand

    22 November 2017 at 2:20 pm Reply

    Zodra het schema van Tokyo.. of iets “eerders” er is… ga ik me bio-ritmiseren…= mijn schema’s afstemmen op de wedstrijden, alhoewel ik tegenwoordig zowel vroeg in de ochtend werk (vanaf 04.00 uur) tot laat ‘s avonds (tot 22,45 uur)….. “Een mens kan meer dan hij / zij soms denkt…” (boek van die presentator van spoorloos….. (en zijn ontvoering van een week))

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