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Dafne's Partners

Dafne and Nike

The partnership between Nike and Dafne started at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. At the time just 20 years old, Dafne was known as a very talented heptathlete. Competing in a sold out Olympic Stadium, she showed not only the 80,000 attendees what she was capable of, but the rest of the world too. Dafne’s raw talent combined with her characteristic focus and determination to excel, made the collaboration with Nike a natural match.

After three years of great heptathlon success but also an aggravating knee injury, Dafne chose to focus on the discipline she was best in: the sprint. It took mere months for her to demonstrate it was the right decision: she became one of the fastest women in history, and world famous in the process. Both her unique performances and Nike’s athletic omnipresence have elevated her truly to a global level. Since then, Dafne and Nike have worked on world class campaigns where she has a prominent place amongst the brand’s greatest sports ambassadors.

Check out Dafne’s last collab with Nike below:

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Dafne and Hublot

The sport of track and field is all about timing. Everything has to be perfect. The time on the finish line literally shows how perfect that race was. The partnership between Dafne and luxury watch brand Hublot started in 2017 and is in many ways a sublime match.

Dafne’s values resemble Hublot’s and reflect their ethos. Elements such as dedication and focus, never compromising when a goal is set. Both Hublot and Dafne always strive for the best, aiming for nothing else than the top and believing in pushing the boundaries, going beyond. It’s all about staying true to their DNA and philosophy. Being different than others. And challenging the conventional ways of creating perfection.

Check out the opening of the Hublot boutique in Amsterdam with Dafne below:

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Dafne and Campina

Becoming – and staying! – one of the fastest women in the world is not just about hard work and determination. It’s a way of life. Perfection is the standard. Things that can be controlled should not be left to chance. So, taking care of your body and mind is the bare minimum for Dafne.

Her passion for healthy and natural food plus her advanced knowledge of products and nutrients over the years, led to a textbook match with Campina in 2016. Both are down to earth, compassionate, approachable, feet solidly planted in Dutch soil, yet with an international presence and view. Dafne and Campina acknowledge the importance of dairy products, as they play a vital role for muscle build-up and recovery.

Since their partnership Campina and Dafne collaborated on numerous campaigns, promoting and creating new products, as well as in addressing social issues such as helping school kids to get more active.

Check out the Campina tv commercial with Dafne below:

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Dafne and PMCPrincess

The Princess Maxima Centre (PMC) for pediatric oncology is a center established to minimize child cancer in the Netherlands. The Center is unique in that it brings together all the strands of the highly complex care and research for children with cancer. Their mission is to cure every child with cancer while maintaining their quality of life.

Inspired by their goals and beliefs, plus the willingness from all people involved to get rid of this terrible disease, Dafne became ambassador in 2016. Her role since then has been to contribute to name recognition, and she has been specifically involved in promoting exercise for the children in the center. According to Dafne: ‘It is very important for their development. If a child can exercise on a regular basis and feels fit, he or she will be able to do things on their own and have fun at the same time. The more you move, the more energetic you feel.’

Check out pictures from Dafne’s last visit to the center below:

Dafne Princess Maxima Center